Stream Video Recorder (1TB)


Stream Video Recorder (1TB)


For non-stop, hassle-free video surveillance get he ADC-SVR1001 (1TB). This stream video recorder is to be used along with’s security cameras and streaming service.

The 1 Terabyte memory ensure you can connect to up to cameras at the same time and view the stream through your user account from your smart phone.
Recorded video can be accessed locally or remotely from a web browser or through our free downloadable mobile apps. ADC-SVR1001 (1TB) Seamless video recording:

Compact and unassuming, the ADC-SVR1001 (1TB) Video recorder’s 1 GHz media processor and 128MB Flash memory and 4-megapixel ensures perfect speed, clarity and efficiency.

You will never have to worry about the video lagging either with the powerful DDRIII 1GB SDRAM chip in it. This is definitely a video and tech lover’s dream come true!

What’s included:
Power Adapter
Ethernet Cord
Hard drive handles
Security wrench
Cord ties

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Dimensions: 121 x 185.9 x 170.87 (mm)
Color: White
Recording Channels: Up to 4-megapixel (1280×800/channels)
Recording Throughput: 16 Mbps (4Mbps /each channel)
Transcoded Playback: MPEG4 –>H.264
Speed Control: 1x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x, 64x
Trans-rate Playback: 30fps–>15fps–>10fps–>5fps
RAID: Continuous or RAID 1
Media Processor: 1GHz media processor
Flash Memory: 128MB
Video Codecs: H.264, MPEG-4, JPEG Encode, Decode, Transcode, Transrate, Resize
HDD Bay: 2 bays, for 3.5″ up to 2 TB each, SATA II (standard)
FAN: Ball bearing speed control fan. (MTBF at least 50,000 hours)
Operating Temperature: 32F -105F (0C – +40C)
Storage Temperature: -4F – 140F (-20C – +60C)
Humidity: 0-100% condensing

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Weight 2315 g
Dimensions 4.7 × 7.3 × 6.77 in


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