DIY Security Kits

Our E-commerce Shop has DIY Security Kits for Home and Business security systems. Our build my security bundle feature removes the complexity. We walk you through the build and increase your understanding of security systems. 

Start with one of our discounted diy security alarm bundles. Add devices and sensors based on your requirements.  Find out the costs of the various components and understand how to build a fully featured Smart Home diy Security System.  

Play around and “Reset the Bundle” back to its original state and try a new configuration.  Learn as you go! One Stop Security gives you the ultimate flexibility and doesn’t shoe horn you into a one size fits all approach. 

Check out our monthly specials. If you require stand alone products, browse our selection of diy security products for home or business. Learn more about the specific devices and sensors along with product features and pricing.

We are a phone call or email away from providing you personalized diy security service and information to help you make informed decisions.  Try out our smart chat bot during the build my bundle process and chat with our 24/7 support team. 

One Stop Security has been proudly serving customers since 1992.  We are more than pleased to help you with product information and options to enable you making smart decisions.

Wireless DIY Security Alarm Bundles

Our state of the art self contained local systems with an intrusion siren will pop the eyeballs out of the most hardened intruder when activated. If you're looking for a basic highly effective security system with NO monthly monitoring charges, then check-out any one of our DIY security packages out and your good to go.

If, however, you’re looking for smart phone monitoring along with leading edge smart devices and video then your only limited by your imagination.  Start with one of the basic bundles below that best fits your needs and build a sophisticated do it yourself smart home or business security system.

Starter Kit


This is a great alarm system bundle if your looking to secure a smaller home or office.  It comes with one motion sensor and a door or window contact along with a state of the art controller.  You can purchase as is or add additional motion sensors and contacts.  If required you can also incorporate a cell phone interface and add smart devices.

Home / Office Kit


We have the perfect fit for the average home or business office.  This package comes with a state of the art controller, two motion sensors, three door & window contacts, along with an entry key fob.  If you’re looking for a self monitored stand alone system then this security alarm bundle is attractively priced and ready to go. 

Environmental Kit


This outstanding bundle comes equipped with intelligent sensors such as smoke, flooding, and low temperature that enable you to be fully aware of all potential emergencies.  Great for those that travel or simply when the family is away on vacation.  Be aware of the potential threats to your home and property and be able to react in real time.

DIY Security Special Price Products


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